Root Canal Vs Dental Implant Options

Root Canal Vs. Implant OptionsAt NY Endodontics and Implantology we pride ourselves in giving our patients all options necessary to make an informed decision in choosing between Root Canal Therapy or an extraction and a dental implant.

Traditionally, prior to the discovery of dental implants, saving every tooth was the primary goal of all high-quality dentists. As an endodontic specialist for over 25 years this path has had an extremely high success rate in allowing most patients the ability to retain their dentition for a lifetime. With our advanced technology such as surgical operating microscopes and 3 Dimensional Cone Beam Imaging (CBCT) routine and complex root canal and microsurgical endodontic treatments are performed with ease. If you have been told that a tooth or multiple teeth need to be extracted, our practice may be able to offer an alternative that may be more conservative and cost effective than an extraction.

Our advanced knowledge in both endodontics and implantology can also be helpful in choosing between root canal therapy or dental implants. An accurate analysis at our office will help determine the long-term prognosis of any individual tooth. If it is determined that the success rate is very poor we can offer our patients the option of placing a dental implant with a much higher level of predictability.

This level of treatment and care allows NY Endodontics and Implantology to be a unique practice in the New York metropolitan area.