Cone Beam Computed Tomography New York City

CBCT (3D Imaging)Cone Beam computed tomography is probably the greatest technological advance in dentistry in the past 50 years. Hundreds of images can be obtained in seconds of any individual tooth or area of the oral cavity. These high-resolution images are achievable with very low radiation to the patient. These images are then analyzed in a sophisticated computer in our office which gives detailed information never before possible. CBCT has become an indispensable tool in evaluating microscopic cracks in teeth and diagnosing pathology with a higher degree of accuracy as compared to standard X-rays.

CBCT can often be extremely helpful in deciding the long-term prognosis of an individual compromised tooth. This can give our patients clarity in choosing between endodontic therapy or extracting and placing a dental implant. No technology is as important as a thorough evaluation and consultation and Dr. Roth only suggests its use to obtain valuable information not available by any other source. We are proud to be the first endodontic practice in New York City to incorporate the Vatech Picasso CBCT machine into our office.